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Elation Professional Corporation issued 28000 lumens LED flash

Recently, the Elation Professional Corporation issued Protron LED flash, this is a super powerful LED flash, and it is contained in traditional PAR light box. The relevant personage of Elation Professional Corporation said, the lamp is used 576 white 6500k LED diodes and provided 28000 lumen output, its unparalleled impact and frequency shiny effect is impressive.
Based on its strong flash effect, Protron LED Strobe flash will be divided into four "zone", in order to create a beautiful effect. A solid die-cast aluminum box makes LED diode can have a full light output, and can be used as project-light lamp or viewers light. Its protection grade reaches IP65 rating, can withstand wind or rain and other adverse conditions, this characteristic makes it ideal to be used as LED outdoor lighting or LED indoor lighting.
No matter light stage and concerts, night club, building, scenic areas or any types of entertainment or architectural elements, this multi-function device not only can provide light output, but also provide compelling light field", Elation Corporation officials said: "These features and durable PAR light box makes Protron LED Strobe lamps naturally replace the flood light and traditional PAR lamps, it provides far more than just a simple flash effect."
While using as PAR light or project-light lamp, Protron LED Strobe flash can become a white 120 ° open surface lamps, because of its long service life and efficient LED (maximum power of 150 w), it does not need any maintenance and it’s economical to operate. In addition, the lamps also has passed the CE and the Americas cETLus certification. It can be installed in any type of venues, very safe and no need to worry about.
Because of the emergence of Protron LED Strobe flash, Elation Corporation provides a multifunctional lamp which provides much more than a flash light effect. The sales director of Elation Professional Corporation, Eric Loader said:"One of the major industry trends is to develop a versatile and can satisfy a variety of purposes, and to provide users with more valuable lamps. Protron LED Strobe flash just is such a product, because it not only provides high output, but also replaces PAR lamps to use in indoor and outdoor, and provides more features at the same time." The world needs these high quality and functional LED lightings to add color to bright the dark or life. We hope that the LED lighting industry can provide more innovational products to us.
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