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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with Synaptics Corporation’s 3D touch technology

Synaptics Corporation is a leading developer in man-machine interface solution, its science and technology design center network has spread all over the world. Synaptics can provide world-class global engineering technical support and industry leading design tool, to help partners quickly and efficiently implement transformative man-machine interface solutions. Recently, Synaptics announced that Samsung has chosen the industry's leading high-performance embedded capacitive touch solution, ClearPad ®, as user interface control components of Galaxy Note 3. The solution especially choose Synaptics’s, 3D-touch ™ technology.
As we all know, Samsung is good at mobile phone manufactures and its products are always brilliant. Synaptics closely cooperate with Samsung. Based on Synaptics’s 3D-touch technology, Samsung has developed the function of Air View, and has been used in Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released in March of this year. ClearPad display integration solutions add multiple user interface control methods, such as the functions of "near", "Air Gesture" and "air lines". The high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and exclusive advanced algorithm of ClearPad series ensure the users still can get a perfect multi-touch experience under the condition of the humid environment or wearing gloves. ClearPad also supports the identification of stylus and fingers touch at the same time, and then meet the consumer’s demand for a variety of precision input selection.
Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED HD display screen and 3200mAh lithium battery, so you don’t have to worry the phone will power off quickly. However, you’d better bring a portable power bank when you go out for a trip. With "Air View" function which is based on Synaptics Corporation’s 3D touch technology, Galaxy Note 3 will bring the unique interface experience to the user. The users just need to suspend their fingers above the screen in a certain distance, they can preview email, S Planner, photo and video content without opening a document. This feature even can magnify the preview web pages or view the stored number in quick dialing page.
The senior vice President and general manager of Intelligent display department, Kevin Barber said: "Our support for Samsung products covers the tablet, entry-level smartphone and its flagship smartphone, we will let every consumer can share Synaptics Corporation’s latest development results." "Synaptics will continue to provide the industry's leading solutions, and integrated into a variety of innovative technologies, such as our 3D touch technology."
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