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The market penetration of LED lamps and lanterns will reach 16.8% in 2015

The good prospect for the development of LED lighting industry enables people to have confidence in the LED lighting market. Under the condition of the energy shortage in the 21st century and national government support to promote energy conservation and environmental protection policies, many enterprises continuously increase investment and support in the LED lighting market. At first, it was widely used in LED outdoor lighting such as road lighting, landscape lighting and so on. With the rapid development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the application of LED lighting lamps and lanterns had promoted to be used in the field with huge potential, such as LED indoor lighting (the ordinary household lighting), commercial lighting, etc.
Now LED lamps and lanterns are being widely applied to civil lighting areas. Although LED lighting is mainly given priority to road lights and commercial lighting in the market, LED panel lights and LED tube, with the functions of dimming and color modulation, have attracted the people’s attention. The price is still an obstacle for LED lamps. As the main factors to stop the promotion of LED lighting, the high prices have kept this new type of energy saving and environmental protection lamps and lanterns outside the civilian market. According to the insider’s introduction, LDE lighting lamps and lanterns are used sapphire substrate as a chip substrate and must use gold to create electric conduction; all of these advantages make it no doubt to become a "noble" lamps and lanterns.
The market penetration of LED lighting market is expected to reach 16.8% in 2015. A report also noted that under the government's stimulus policy, the application permeability of LED in the fields of household lighting and street lighting will be improved, such as mainland China's 12th five-year plan, and Taiwan’s LED subsidy policy, these policy benefits also include commercial lighting. LED bulb and LED fluorescent tube are growing year by year in Japanese market, the main reason is that since the earthquake in March 2011 after, the Japanese government launched the subsidy policy and increased energy saving consciousness. At the same time, many new LED suppliers are going to join the business war, and soon began to produce. With the calculation of 500 x500 micron chip size, the overall supply of LED lighting grew 41% in 2011, but by contrast, the demand only grew 10%, thus furnishing the oversupply of 2011. Anyway, the competition is good for consumers to buy high quality LED lamps with lower price.
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