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LG electronics debuts curved OLED TV in China

On September 13, 2013, LG electronics launched the curved OLED TV in Beijing. And it’s the first time for LG to formally debuts new products in the Chinese market and uncovered this future TV’s veil to Chinese consumers. As the world's first OLED TV which adopts curved design, LG curved OLED TV had already gotten great response in South Korea, the United States and Europe. LG curved OLED TV is a TV that beyond the current display technology, as the first curved OLED TV of China and the world, this product will give consumers bringing unparalleled, transcendental and free from vulgarity viewing experience.
With the constant development of modern science and technology, as the center of home entertainment, television has always been an indispensable part of people's life, but also is a brand highland that technology manufacturers vying for. And the improvement of traditional TV will finally has an end, LG electronics’ curved OLED TV opens a new door for the whole industry, and brings TV into new era. Comparing with the traditional LED technology, OLED technology can emit light directly without backlight. LG curved OLED TV which is created on the basis of OLED technology, not only has super high contrast and super wide viewing angle, but also has surface, ultra-thin shape. These features have shocked the entire technology industry. At the same time, LG electronics’ original WRGB four color technology makes it beyond the scope of human eyes identification for the TV. The super wide color gamut makes imaging more lifelike. With about 4.3 mm thickness of ultra-thin fuselage, curved surface screen and transparent base, LG curved OLED TV looks like a future window floating in the air.
As the world's first manufacturers to achieve production of curved OLED TV, LG electronics not only shows the excellent technology R&D ability, but also shows an industry leader’s responsibility to rapid the development of science and technology. This curved OLED TV creates the ergonomic design of curved surface screen, and achieves 4.3 mm slim body at the same time. It shows the powerful advantages of OLED technology incisively and vividly. At the meantime, LG electronics builds the surface screen is not aim to show off technology, but fully considerate human eyes to watch comfortably, the screen is consistent with the distance between each point and the human eyes, thus reducing the image deformation, and bring more perfect presence.
LG Corporation’s businesses include mobile phone manufactures, CCTV products, audio equipments and other digital equipments. We believe that LG will bring more and more innovative products to us.
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