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The development prospect of LED lighting market

The continuous development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, especially in the next five years, the prospect of backlit field market is considerable, and more and more common lighting areas show strong growth momentum in the prediction of lamps and lanterns.
By comparing with the equal function traditional lamps, the whole cycle cost of LED energy-saving lamp, LED spot lights, LED tube are significantly lower than the traditional lighting. LED lighting has obvious competitive advantage. Though the total life cycle cost of the LED straight lamp is equal to traditional lighting, it is expected to have more obvious cost advantage and achieve a replace using promotion at last.
In the field of outdoor lighting, the cost of LED street light and LED tunnel light are lower than the traditional lighting, their cost gap is about 30%, the competitive advantage of LED street light and LED tunnel light has been revealed. According to the development trend of cheaper LED lighting lamps and higher performance, the whole life cycle of comprehensive cost of most LED lamps and lanterns will be significantly lower than the traditional, and become the mainstream of lighting source in 2013.
As a rising star in the field of lighting, the prospect of LED lamp is very good, the government’s relevant departments are also vigorously promote the development of LED industry. In 2009, the Chinese government had launched a semiconductor lighting project. The first stage of the plan is to promote LED lights in 21 developed cities, the second stage is to installed 2 million LED tubes in 50 cities, and achieve the goal to saving 1 billion degrees of electricity.
China’s LED lighting application market has began to form, with the Chinese government’s support policy and tax benefit, the domestic LED lighting application market will have a rapid growth in two years. With the improvement of product performance and decreased manufacturing cost of semiconductor lighting, and the perfect relevant application environment, LED lighting applications will maintain a high growth during 2011 and 2015. A good industry environment is also good for the development of LED lighting. Such as standards, product certification, testing, engineering design, demonstration and related policy.
According to the data of lamps and lanterns, its share in the lighting market will increase to around 30% in 2015, and it will become one of the most competitive mainstream lighting sources. LED will be the future of lighting, includes LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, LED decorative lighting, and so on.
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