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Latest version Android4.3 platform will native support Bluetooth Smart Ready

Google released the latest version of Android operating system Android4.3 - Jelly Bean on July 24. Android 4.3 can support for Bluetooth Smart Ready technology. Google also launched new Nexus 7 tablets and Nexus 4 Smart phones which are the first equipment to run the upgrade version of operating system. The appearance of Android 4.3 makes Android Smartphone or tablets become Bluetooth Smart Ready device which equip with dual mode of Bluetooth chip, and then connected to other Bluetooth Smart devices, reduce the energy consumption when calculating the data transmission. Developers can make full use of advantage of new system with this upgrade version, grasp huge market opportunity of the new generation of Bluetooth Smart application.
The chief marketing officer of Bluetooth SIG, Suke Jawanda said: "this year we have seen hundreds of Bluetooth products, including the digital equipments like family automatic lock, pedometer, shoes, medical equipment, fitness sensors, football, or even a flower pot, these products all adopt the Bluetooth Smart ultra-low power technology. Now this is just a beginning, we are looking forward to combining the latest version of Android platform and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology together to create innovation."
After the launch of Android 4.3, Bluetooth Smart developers can more easily to let the equipments connect with Android applications, can also use the new Android application program interface to read the data collected by other Bluetooth Smart application equipments, for example, we can collect data from fitness monitor and medical equipment through the operation of the application on Bluetooth Smart Ready products such as Smart phone, tablets and audio equipments. In the future, as long as consumers upgrade to Android4.3 operating system, combining with the Android applications which relate to Bluetooth Smart sensor devices, Smart phones and computer products will play a more powerful function.
The developer program director of Bluetooth SIG, Steve Hegenderfer said: "when it announced to consolidate Bluetooth Smart Ready in the Google developers conference, the atmosphere of excitement is exciting, which made me believe that there are many Android applications which fit consumers are under development. Our developer platform includes the tutorials for Android and other operating system, BBS, quick start guide and compiler, hoping to help developers promote Bluetooth innovation products to the market faster." Bluetooth SIG will also open to register to download Bluetooth Application Accelerator of Android, apple and Microsoft systems, it includes the application program and the corresponding instruction generation source, the documents and profiles of main functions.
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