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GE lighting launches economical LED lights

Recently, the well-known LED light supplier and manufacturer, GE lighting has launched a new economical LED product for consumer market-- LED Snowcone A19. The product will be listed in most of the Asian countries in September, and will be sold in South Korea in October. The LED light is designed for household lighting, there are two specifications: 7 w and 10 w, their illumination effects are respectively equivalent to the traditional 40 and 60 watts incandescent lamp. With the continuous development of China's energy-saving lighting industry, incandescent bulbs will be phased out in the end, and the demand of the LED market will continue to rise. GE lighting launched this brand of new energy-efficient LED lights, not only conforms to the trend of the development of lighting industry, but also brings high quality alternative products for consumers.
The best choice for household lighting
GE lighting’s new LED Snowcone A19, as the ideal substitute of incandescent lamp, it is the perfect choice to build a comfortable and energy saving lighting environment. It is one of the energy saving lamps and can be used in LED indoor lighting. The LED light has no glare, and equipped with a standard E27 lamp holder, can directly replace the incandescent bulb. In addition, the LED lamp can be chose from 2700 k, 3000 k and 6500 k color temperature, to create different lighting environment.
Except the household environment, LED Snowcone A19 also can be used in hotels, restaurants and retail stores and other application occasions.
Energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life and high efficiency
In response to China's energy conservation and emission reduction policy, GE lighting is preparing to launch more energy-saving products, and LED Snowcone A19 is one of the important products. LED Snowcone A19 has the similar lighting effect with traditional 40 and 60 watts incandescent lamps, but save 80% of the energy. By compared with 1000 hours service life of incandescent lamp, the LED lamp wins a lot because of its 15000 hours life. In addition, the product is environmental protection, so it won't produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
The general manager of the Asia-Pacific product management of GE lighting, Luo yongyi said: "as LED Snowcone A19 entered into a broader consumer market, the competition of LED market will be affected. Nowadays, consumers can choose LED illuminant to light up their homes directly, and that is both economical and efficient. GE’s LED Snowcone A19 advantage mainly is that it can maintain similar lighting effect with traditional incandescent lamp while replacing it. All in all, the new LED light, not only enriched GE’s existing LED products combination, but also embodies GE lighting’s commitment that we will lead the changes of LED lighting, and provide energy-saving and efficient solutions to meet today’s lighting demands."
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