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China’s brilliant lighting products will be appeared in Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair

On October 27 to 30, the 15th Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair will be held in Hong Kong convention center. The national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD. will show several of new products in this lighting event.
In this Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair, HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD. will continue to inherit the concept of quality first and innovation, a series of products with independent research and development will be showed one by one in this fair, among them, the rotating tube, track lights and other new products will bring you more ideas and solutions.
HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC mainly involves in four major lightings in this Hong Kong lighting fair, one is for the road lighting, such as the LED street light, LED tunnel light, solar street light; The second is landscape lighting, such as LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lighting; The third is for indoor commercial lighting, such as grille lamp, absorb dome light, flat light, etc. The fourth is for workshop lighting applications, such as LED high bay light.
Hong Kong international autumn lighting Fair is sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council. Since 1999, it has been successfully hosted for 14 times, the 15th Fair will be held in 2013. The exhibition venue - Hong Kong, as an international economic center, financial center, trade center, logistics center, its active production and distribution activities, not only attracted a huge group from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland enterprises to join this exhibition, but also attracted buyers from all over the world. And the superior geographical position and developed transportation are shortening the distance between Hong Kong and the world. The complete infrastructure and perfect supporting services have solved the problems about enterprise and audiences’s live and eat. A large number of buyers and exhibitors, and constant innovation of high trading volume make the exhibition have a prominent reputation in the industry. The Hong Kong international autumn lighting Fair has become Asia's largest industry exhibition, ranking the second in the world.
In 2013, the exhibition has made more reasonable arrangements for product zone, so as to highlight the main business areas of lighting industry, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends, meet buyers changing needs. They are set up to ten categories of products zone, specific as follows: advertising lamps and lanterns lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, LED and environmental protection lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting accessories and spare parts, intelligent lighting and lighting solutions, inspection and verification services, trade services and publications, lamp assemble gallery. These zones can let exhibitors contact with the target buyer faster and easier, and then obtain the biggest benefit.
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