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Home lighting market outbreaks and LED panel light will no longer snubs

With the accelerating development of LED industry, the traditional lighting companies began to focus on the development of LED in recent years. Emerging LED companies also actively make a layout to seize market. However, relative to the heat production of LED companies, the public still concerns about the technical drawbacks of LED.
LED has the obvious advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection. However, the glare question is still a headache of LED production companies. How to solve the problem of glare and build a comfortable lighting environment for consumers is always the key point for LED companies to research and develop. By contrast, LED panel light has obvious advantages in this context. As a relative new type of light, LED panel light has began to replace the common grille lamp, ad has been widely used in high-grade hotels, offices, viewing balcony and corridor, etc. LED panel light uses LED strips as lighting source, plus a LGP or diffuser plate, can effectively disperse the light point-blank, make the light downy not dazzling. Besides, it has uniform illumination and high brightness. Compare to other kinds of lights, LED panel light has obvious advantages and the current application range has been expanded.
Take the LED table lamp for example, currently almost all LED table lamps on the market are adopted the use of LED flat light. Because the LED table lamp has a very high requirement to protect eyes, and LED panel light just can meet this need, so it is been widely used.
With the enlargement of the LED application range, indoor home lighting is the focus of many lighting companies. According to statistics, in 2012, the market penetration of LED panel light in building lighting is as high as 56%, but also due to the mature market, its growth has been slowed. Benefiting from the government’s policy to create the market demand, LED outdoor lighting makes the application of LED panel light grows slow. So the penetration of LED panel light in industrial lighting applications is only about 6%, while its market penetration has reached to 15% in commercial lighting.
House is one of the largest global application markets, LED panel light was firstly used as bulb to enter into residential lighting market and replace traditional incandescent lamps. But due to consumers’ sensitivity for the price is high, so the penetration of LED panel light in residential lighting market is only about 13% in 2012, it still has a vast space to be promoted.
With the improvement of public spending power, many people are willing to choose the LED lighting lamps, and now the main consumers who purchase house is the younger generation, their recognitions of the LED are high, and the future home lighting market should be the focus of lighting companies’ competition.
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