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Lighting Science Group published the world’s first LED bulb which can help sleep

The global leader in innovative energy-efficient lighting corporations, Lighting Science Group published Definity Digital series of LED bulbs three days ago, and it is the world's first lighting product that meets law of biology. The product is designed to improve sleep quality, support natural melatonin secretion, alert, promote plant’s growth and protect wild animals. Based on LED digital technology, Lighting Science successfully designed this product for International Space Station and U.S. South Pole Station, it has made a breakthrough in science and technology. This LED bulb can be inserted into the traditional socket, provides consumers with bright white light and benefit their health.
We all know that Lighting Science is a famous LED light supplier and manufacturer, their products are innovative and practical. The founder and chief technical director of Lighting Science, Fred Maxik said:" Definity Digital does not replace the light source, it’s just a new way to use lighting". " The benefits that Definity Digital series of products can provide consumers are far more than they want to obtain from LED lighting, such as energy saving and environmental protection. Our lamps can radically improve people’s lifestyle, by providing physical, emotional and environmental support to maximize work efficiency and make your body operates more natural."
Definity Digital series of products include Good Night, Awake & Alert, My Nature Grow and My Nature Coastal. Each kind of product has its unique performance, they can be used as LED decorative lighting or LED table lamps.
Among Definity Digital series of products, the technology that Good Night and Awake & Alert lamp adopt was firstly developed to help astronauts to manage their circadian rhythms, refresh themselves, and avoid being lack of sleep in space. My Nature Grow lamp can instill growth power for edible plants to grow under the worst and darkest environment, and then help the researchers who do research in the U.S. South Pole Station to solve their food problems. These technical breakthroughs have inspired Lighting Science and many former NASA scientists. They believe human can use the power of light to make life easier, healthier and more effective.
The research director of Lighting Science, Rob Soler explanation that:" After seeing the remarkable effect on astronauts, how to solve the sleep problem that troubles 500000 to 700000 Americans is our priority consideration," "We know that the traditional bulbs and other LED bulbs can produce inhibit melatonin blue light, so, when you are going to go to bed, actually your body do not want to sleep. Good Night bulb is a solution to support the body's natural sleep process. Not like some prescription drugs, it won’t create any side-effects, such as drowsiness and dependency syndrome."
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