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The business opportunities of LED lights will increase after 2014

At present, LED indoor lighting mainly used in decorative lighting, such as underground parking lot and star hotel, has not really enter into the huge market of ordinary household lighting. The main indoor lighting products include commercial fluorescent lamps, LED down lights, LED spot lights, LED bulb, freezer lights. Someone pointed out that according to some foreign countries’ development plan about LED indoor lighting, they mainly push commercial lighting from 2010 to 2012, and will mainly push ordinary household lighting from 2012-2015. From a technical point of view, the current quality of light is not so good, and home lighting has a high requirement for light, so it is not available to promote residential lighting in recent years.
As the development trend of future lighting, how will LED massively enter into the field of indoor lighting? According to the global lighting market research that incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED bulbs will dominate the market together till 2017. LED bulbs still need some time to replace traditional lighting and mainstream energy source. Now LED bulbs are still in the market introduction phase. The business opportunities of LED bulbs will have a quite strong explosion after 2014, and its demand will substantially ahead fluorescent lamps or other light sources in 2018.
The growth of LED bulbs in lighting market can be broadly divided into three stages: before 2012, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps will be the main source of bulb lighting. And the price of LED is high, it’s mainly aim to replace incandescent lamps. During 2012-2014, as the global countries publish policy to ban the use and production of incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps will gradually disappear in the market after 2012. In this phase, energy saving lamp begins to enter the peak of growth and occupy a major share of the lighting market. But in 2014, LED bulbs will substantially replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and enter into a mature period. At the same time, the cost of LED bulb is declining, with the recent investment of LED manufacturers continue to increase, the decline speed will be faster, the outbreak of LED market may be ahead 1 to 2 years.
The outlook of LED indoor lighting market is absolutely good, what companies can do to conquer the future market? Maybe they should strengthen technology research and hold certain campaigns to raise consumer’s awareness of the LED. Besides, manufacturers should standardize the products and enable consumers to choose from 20 to 50 standard products, rather than thousands. Otherwise consumers will not able to find a replaceable product. Lighting companies should strengthen their research and development ability to acquire more technology with core competitiveness.
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