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China's LED lighting market ushered in rapid development period

China has promoted the use of LED energy saving lamp for a long time, however, due to its high manufacturing cost, the price is more expensive. Though it has a very good energy saving effect, it hasn’t been accepted and used by general consumers. Since this year, the prices of International LED are falling while the luminous efficiency is improving. Customers will improve the acceptance of LED gradually, and the market penetration will also increase, China’s LED lighting market will have a big development period.
The wide use of led lamps is an inevitable trend, nowadays, influenced by the prices of International LED lamps and rare earth fluorescent lamps, China’s LED industry ushered in a development opportunity. However, how to improve consumers’ cognition about LED and establishing reasonable industry standard is still the key issue for whole LED industry to consider.
Data analysis shows that in July this year, the retail price of global LED bulbs that used to replace 40 w incandescent bulbs has a slight drop about 0. 6%, dropped to $15.5. And the 60 w LED bulbs drop to $22. 6. The falling prices make consumers more willing to replace incandescent lamps with led lamps. Because of the rising price of rare earth, rare earth fluorescent lamps are being more expensive. Though the current market share of rare earth fluorescent lighting accounted for 70% in big cities, it is believe that the pattern will be changed. In 2012, LED energy-saving lamps sales rose nearly 34% while rare earth fluorescent sales declined. In the first half of 2013, led civilian market sales rose more than 150%. LED light suppliers and manufacturers’ operation revenue have increased for years.
In the commercial lighting market, although led’s price is expensive, it has better energy saving effect and can bring more energy-saving benefit. So the lighting application demand of commercial, industrial, outdoor is relatively strong, especially LED indoor lighting. But at present, Chinese consumers do not have fully understanding about LED products, nor have particularly strong demand of energy saving, and sensitive to the price, so the permeability of LED lighting is low. In addition, there is no regulation rule to standard product’s quality. So, the government needs to take some measures to standardize the products.
With the promoting luminous efficiency and falling prices, LED lighting’s market share will be risen in household lighting, commercial lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting, it can be predicted that LED will enter into a golden development period.
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