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How to maintain furniture

Furniture is an indispensable part of the home decoration, because the furniture is the bulky household items and its price is relatively expensive, so it is impossible to be changed frequently. Thus, take good care of the furniture and extended furniture life became a very important part of our family life. However, maintain furniture has been plagued by many consumers, experts believed that furniture maintenance needs perseverance. In addition, dry and wet air will have a different impact on the furniture with the change of seasons, so different categories of furniture have different maintenance methods. Following introduction of several furniture maintenance:
1. Metal Furniture
Metal furniture is divided into chrome fittings, titanium furniture and spray furniture. Chrome fittings cannot be placed in a moist place, or rust easily and even will cause the coating to fall off. Titanium furniture had better little contact with water and often rub with a dry cotton, silk or muslin to remain bright and beautiful. Spray furniture stains, wipe with a dry cloth and pay attention not to retain water. No matter what kind of painting metal furniture, move to be light-light, to avoid the bump; and should avoid touching the hard metal pieces, such as a fruit knife, key fob, etc. Not excessive when folded, ensure the folding mechanism is not damaged.
2. China Wooden Furniture
For wooden furniture, it is susceptible to be deformation in the humid and hot weather, therefore, maintain ventilation and dry environment, at the same time often clean surface complexes can achieve very good maintenance effect. Avoid placed under strong sunlight exposure and the excessively dry place to prevent the wood exclusion fission-shaped. Regular waxing, erase the old wax with a mild, non-alkaline soap and water before waxing. Avoid furniture surfaces exposed to corrosive liquids. To keep the indoor dry to prevent furniture damp moldy.
3. Kitchen Furniture
Correct use and maintenance kitchen furniture will not only prolong the life of kitchenware, but also to enjoy the elegant and comfortable kitchen art. In use, do not put the high-temperature cooker or other hot items directly on kitchenware, you should use a tripod, insulation pad to avoid surface discoloration or blistering. Keep the kitchens clean, after cooking you should clean the countertops and pat dry the water stains on the kitchen to maintain a clean and dry surface. Water on the ground should be promptly removed, to prevent pollution of the cabinet. We should try to choose a national authority on identification of authorized products, pay attention to each interface, countertops openings sectional resin impregnation and iron glue edge treatment to ensure the product waterproof, fire, moisture, mildew. Maintenance, do not use sharp, hard objects to scratch test of the surface, use a damp cloth or a damp cloth dipped in a neutral washing fine or detergent treatment. Kitchen gas stove, water heater, microwave ovens and other electrical at the interface should be checked regularly for leaks or flooding, ensure that the kitchen is dry and air circulation.
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