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Global biomass energy production will be double over the next decade

Nowadays, the relationship between agriculture and energy has become closer, a report predicts that over the next 10 years, the production of biodiesel and ethanol fuel will be increased dramatically. At the same time, the price of biomass fuel will be risen much more than other primary agricultural products.
For a long time, biomass fuel has always being an important part of agricultural raw materials, makes it keeping at a high price. The material requirement of biomass energy also makes a variety of crops that originally used to feed consumption, have other use. Such as corns, wheats and oilseeds.
The director of International food policy research institute pointed out that biomass energy production is expected to become double in the next decade. By 2022, the EU is still the world's main biodiesel production and consuming countries, the proportion of biodiesel will account for 45% of the EU’s whole consumption. Besides, in 2022, the proportion of ethanol fuel will account for 48% in America. The production and use of Biomass fuel in America and the European Union is mainly driven by current policies. In America, the biological energy policy will continue to be implemented over the next ten years, 40% of corns will be used to produce ethanol fuel.
According to a report’s prediction, in 2022, the world’s total output of ethanol will be reached to 168 billion litres. In addition, three main biomass fuel producers and area will be the United States, Brazil and the European Union.
In addition, in 2022, developing countries’ biomass ethanol production will increase two-thirds. 80% of the growth comes from Brazil, and a significant portion of the remaining 20% comes from India and China. Besides, the global biodiesel production will up to 41 billion litres in 2022. Last but not the least, the price of biomass energy will be higher than other agricultural products.
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