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Energy saving drying equipment is the key to achieve industry’s high economic benefits

In the face of severe challenges in energy and environmental protection, especially in the situation of current market demand is not prosperous and traditional users have increased demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction drying devices, drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should promote energy-saving drying technology to get better development. As people put emphasize on environmental protection, how to improve drying machine’s technology to reduce dust and exhaust gas leaks, etc., will be a direction that need to be further researched.
Currently, many drying equipment manufacturing enterprises begin to pay more attention to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as using the combine of heating forms, transfer heat pump and heat pipe technology to develop solar drier, etc.; there are some companies begin to develop drying machine’s automatic control technology, so as to create optimal operating conditions. Due to it still need a further improvement on equipment’s quality, kits and basic research, the conventional drying is still the main form of current dried forms. Because each kind of dry form has its own advantages and scope, so the combined drying will be the trend of future development.
Boiling and granulating drier, it is called one-step pellet mill in China, it was redesigned and reproduced based on the same kind of product that introduced from abroad in 1980s. Because of the simple operation, superior performance and sophisticated manufacture, especially that it can satisfy the pharmaceutical and food industry’s requirement of GMP, it is popular in the fields of pharmaceutical and food. The equipment is especially suitable for Chinese and western medicine and food to dried and pelletize. The disintegration of granules is strong, and has a good liquidity and instant soluble, these granules can be directly used for tabletting, capsule, granule, solid drink and so on.
The centrifugal spray drier has achieved ideal effect in the fields of dyes, dairy products, and so on. The equipment is widely used in different fields for many years, and researchers have made great progress in technology level and manufacturing quality. In recent years, the large centrifugal spray drier also draws people’s attention to its use in FGD applications.
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