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How can Chinese engineering machinery companies stand on International stage?

Now the Chinese engineering machinery companies are suffering the problem that excess production capacity, high accounts receivable, declined sales, less profits. Can such a problem make Chinese engineering machinery companies have no chance to make the world surprise again? I think the answer is no. By analyzing the current situation, and then find a cure, the companies could recover and be strong. This article will introduce some solutions to solve the problem.
First, if an engineering machinery enterprise wants to have a great development, they should focus on the “winter” of engineering machinery. But this so-called "winter" is relative to the gold decade that is in rapid development stage. The industry has gotten used to the extraordinary development of engineering machinery, and now it is back to a rational model, now the industry is not adapted to the current development speed, they have to jump out of the cold winter!"
In other words, the current "cold winter" is the normal development of the industry. During the time that industry gets into the process of rational and normal, excess capacity and a variety of bubble will be gradually consumed at last.
Further, the enterprise cannot ignore the national economy if it wants to obtain long-term development. At present, China's new leaders put forward a series of economic reform agenda, and many reform measures are being implemented. The director Institute of Finance of State Council Development Research Center, Zhang Chenghui pointed out that:" China is in an important period of economic transition, it will inevitably appear some friction and conflict, and at some point or time the friction and conflict will be more intense." The Chinese engineering machinery enterprises is going ahead between the cold "winter" and furious reform.
The company should have a clear position to get healthy development, not only consider the industry’s location, but also think about how to jump out the industry with a long term vision. Find out the company’s role and the development direction of customer’s demand.
If a company wants to make an impact on the trend of industry adjustment, then it must conform to the trend. Turn the price of competition into the quality and product technology content of competition. But the enterprise still needs to make an objective investigation, and rationally evaluate itself. Enterprise should be gave a manageable position to examine their development and progress.
Engineering machinery enterprises adapt to the rapid growth in the past, but if the enterprises make a good grasp of the opportunity in crisis, can board the international stage with a new attitude, and let the world feel amazing for Chinese manufacturing.
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