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The huge development potential of packaging machinery market

Throughout China's packaging market, packaging machinery industry is still maintaining a very big development space. Each enterprise continuously looking for gap, study the new technology, update the technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, combine soft power and hard power further to ensure the development of social facilities. Among them, the concept of flexible production has met the requirement of development. For one packing machine, the production rate of each machine is increasing indeed, but if there are many changes of packing way, the machine will be sluggish, it cannot commission specifications and production scheduling as soon as possible. But if change template, it will not only cost time and increase the wear and tear, but also improves the manufacturing cost, and then unable to realize the personalized quality requirement.
Analyzing from enterprise's market competition, the product’s upgrading cycle is getting shorter, it is putting forward a higher request for packaging machinery’s flexibility, the life of packaging machinery should far greater than a product's life cycle. Because only in this way can meet the requirements of the product's production economy. This makes us start overall examine the connotation of the concept of flexible, namely the flexible quantity, flexible construction and flexible supply. And flexible supply also involves to packaging machinery’s operation control system.
In particular, to make the packaging machinery has good flexibility and improves the degree of automation, you need to use microcomputer technology, function module technology to monitor multiple robots’ work at the same time, and you only need to mobilization program.
The experts said that flexible production not only changes our production mode, makes the product packaging more flexible and expand our development idea, but also makes the packaging machinery market emerge several rounds of change, accelerates the innovation thinking get into commercialization better. To make packaging machinery play out the potential better.
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