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Samsung releases a variety of high-end air purification products

On November 4, 2013, the electrical appliances exhibition was held in Beijing. Samsung electronics showed new appliances to many reporter and consumer at the exhibition, such as washing machines, air purifier and cleaner. On this Samsung’s electrical appliances show, the deputy general manager of Greater China white goods marketing, Xie Hui said that Samsung electronics will speed up the layout of home appliances in China’s home appliance market, further to draw a perfect blueprint.
According to the layout that Samsung electronics described for home appliance market, high-end air purifier becomes one important piece. Since last year, China's serious haze weather makes the demand of air purifier products continues increasing. According to GfK’s data, from the first quarter of 2013, domestic air purifier offline market retail sales rose more than 95%, the online market rose 133%. In contrast, the penetration rate of air purifier in American families is 27%, 71% in South Korea, and less than 0.1% in China. Though China's air purifier market just started, but the potential is huge.
In order to satisfy the huge market demand, Samsung electronics launched several kinds of air purifiers timely. At this exhibition, Samsung showed a series of products, includes PAPER plasma air humidifying purifier, Plasma air sterilization devices, etc. According to the relevant person who in charge of Samsung white goods, Samsung plasma air purifier has reached a high level in aseptic rate and purification rate; the product is equipped with Samsung’s unique S-PLasmaion sterilization technology. The design of triple high efficiency filter, filtering effect can reach 99%. PAPER products also have water molecules humidifying function that can release 0.1 nm water molecules, maintaining 40% ~ 60% of the health humidity.
The air purifiers inherited Samsung’s product philosophy well, and they are remarkable in product performance, space efficiency, energy saving and designs. For example, its unique “paper” exterior not only displays the beauty of technological design, but also forms ventilation naturally. It is reported that you are available to buy Samsung's air purifiers in hypermarket, shopping center and online stores.
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