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The sales volume of air purifiers will continue to grow in the future

Since the government formally put haze governance on the agenda, and consumer’s awareness of respiratory health promoted, the seriousness of air pollution has caused the comprehensive attention from government to private. Corresponding is the continued hot air purifier market, there is a monitoring data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd. shows that the domestic air purifier market retail volume rose 70.9% year-on-year, retail sales rose 86.9% in the previous eight months of 2013.
It is understood that the air purifier is mainly use to solve all sorts of indoor pollution, air purifiers with different filtration systems can have different purify effect. For example, the adsorption ability of activated carbon is very strong, it can effectively adsorb the harmful material in indoor air (such as dust, particles, free molecules, bacteria, etc.); Negative oxygen ion purifier can create a remarkable effect on second-hand smoke pollution, effectively remove dust and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood about 20%, it also can have an obvious effect on the interior odor elimination.
The growth of the whole air purifier industry also makes air purifiers that equipped with different filtration system achieve substantial growth. According to the monitoring data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd., in the previous eight months, the sales of air purifier that equipped with ion filter system rose 94.6% year-on-year, activated carbon air purifier rose 68.7%, and the kind of catalyst filtration system rose 58.9%.
In the aspect of brand, at present, the foreign brands with technology leading advantage have occupied more than 80% of China’s market share, but domestic brands only occupy less than 20%. According to the analysis of experts, the reason why domestic brands only get a small market share is closely related to the shorter development time. It is said that the penetration rate of air purifier in American families is 27%, 17% in Japan, 71% in South Korea, and less than 0.1% in China. In 2013, the sales of air purifier are expected to reach 90% year-on-year.
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