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Sharp releases mini air purifier

In summer, because of the high temperature, everyone would stay at home or the office rather than go outside. But, staying for a long time in air conditioning room is easy to be dry skin, and the air is full of all kinds of bacteria in less ventilated place. Such an environment is the best working environment for plasma air purifier to function better. Then, Sharp’s "Plasma Air Purifier IB-CH12" was born.
This kind of mini plasma air purifier has a small clip on the back, so the user can directly caught it in a suit or shirt pocket. Its body measurement is 38 x 11.5 x 60 mm, about 30g weight. You can choose black or silver color, appearance design is very suitable for office.
Sharp’s IB - CH12 small plasma air purifier carries the cell that can produce "25000 high concentrations of plasma, its blowing field covers over 30 cm. There are two optional modes: standard and weak. It is worth mentioning that you can hear buzzing noise in the standard mode when you put your ear close to the air purifier. When using the air purifier, you can feel the breezes blow out from outlet, though the wind is not as strong as USB fan, it still has a certain air volume. It is not very cool, but still can drop a little bit of temperature around the face.
Testers said, some colleagues often have lunch in the office and make the office has a strange smell. But as long as you open this mini air purifier, then the surrounding smell will be better, and the skin will no longer dry like before. It is also very convenient while taking the high-speed rail or subway, the electric power can maintain for two and a half hours. But there are two things make people feel distress: one is the blue and red lights keep flashing when it is charging, and this makes office life more anxious. The other is the mini air purifier is a little heavy, and it is not appropriate to carry if you wear a thin clothes. Now, Sharp’s IB - CH12 plasma air purifier has started selling in Japan, priced at 8980 yen.
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