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Air purifier is just like a security guards who protects our family’s health, so we should consider the specific situation while selecting air purifier, for the sake of your family's health and create a clean indoor atmosphere. You need to consider about these three aspects, remember to be careful.
First, whether is absolutely safe
To choose and buy air purifier, is aim to create healthy and fresh air. So, it’s important to care about whether the air purifier is safe before buying. The shell, movement and purification technology of air purifier will directly affect its safety. With ion purification technology, air purifier can create positive and negative ions the same as nature.
Second, whether have scientific purification principle, achieve efficient air purification effect
There are five internationally accepted principle of air purification, includes physical, electrostatic, chemical, anion and composite. In general, simultaneous use of different purification modes of the air purifier, the purify effect will be better. For example, you can filter dust, odor, pollen and other large particulate matter by physical purification; and use chemical purification to purify harmful substances, such as allergenic substances, viruses and formaldehyde. These mixed purification modes can make the surrounding atmosphere become better.
Third, whether can meet the specific purification needs
In terms of air purifier, the purification function is the most concern. If your requirement of indoor air purifier is just based on improving indoor air quality, then you can choose the type of clean air and high cost performance.
However, with people’s requirements to the quality of life is increasing day by day, the demand for air purifier is no longer simply purify indoor air. For those people who work in an airtight air conditioning room, the air condition makes interior air and skin being dry, so when choosing air purifier, they will choose those have the function of humidifying. And for the crowd who work in serious indoor polluted places, they need to breathe the fresh air in a short distance; when they buy air purifier, they would prefer a small one so that can put it on desktop.
Air Solution International Limited is founded in 2007 and located in South China. We are professional in developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. Our products are mainly export to Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East, etc. We are the best air purifier supplier, and we specialized in air humidifiers, dehumidifier, aroma diffuser, fan heater and best air cooling fan. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients. Please feel free to contact us to meet your needs.
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