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Time of event: April 11-14, 2013
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition
Exhibition City: Shanghai
Exhibition Profile: 2013 China (Shanghai) International Leisure Show is the only one professional exhibition relates to fashion, leisure, life, heath and sports theme, Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the exhibition management agency. The 18th China International Boat Technology & Equipment Exhibition will be held over the same period. 2013 Leisure Expo with the yacht space, outdoor leisure, water sports, leisure and fitness exhibitions, is expected to exceed an area of 50,000 square meters, and to attract over 3 million professional visitors. The show will be held from April 11th to 14th, 2013 in the shanghai expo exhibition, expansion of 20,000 square meters will focus on fashion sports and leisure lifestyle on display.
Exhibits: video game products and accessories exhibition area: game machines, simulators, remote control devices, hitting consoles, game consoles (GB), arcade, home console and peripherals, basketball machines, interactive video games, professional audio, dolls, gift, stickers cameras, all kinds of amusement machines, educational and entertainment facilities, equipment, coin, color version of the game screen, display (tube), touch screen, power supply, game tokens, game lottery accessories, game software development. Park and playground equipment exhibition area: roller coaster, scooter, Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, go-karts, tour buses, sightseeing ropeway, simulated golf, simulated shooting system, rafting equipment, water slides, water walking ball, bumper boats , matte screen curtain of fog facilities, LED(LED LED Fluorescent Light,(LED Tunnel Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light), pyrotechnics, special effects, dynamic film, 3D, 4D movies, water curtain movie equipment, vending machines, playground management software, ticketing systems, kiosks, a children's park, combination play toys , Inflatable etc.. Leisure sports goods exhibition area: golf supplies and ancillary facilities, sports facilities and equipment, sporting goods, shooting and archery supplies, sports clothing, backpack, sports footwear; Sports and fitness equipment, massage equipment; automatic mahjong, mahjong table, mahjong table, mahjong tiles, poker, sports and recreation equipment; health club, outdoor sports facilities, playground facilities, swimming place its equipment. Fishing Tackle exhibition area: fishing rod, hooks, fishing line, fishing nets, fish bags, fishing reels, fishing reel, floats and accessories, bait, fish baskets, fishing glasses, bite indicator; fishing boats, fishing club, fishing clothing, fishing bag, tent, fishing beds, fishing tool, parasol, fishing chair, night fishing lights; dip net, fishing bracket; fishing clothing, fishing boats, fishing fish Club and so on. Leisure exhibition features area: scenic, leisure resort, expand the training base, extreme sports grounds, leisure and recreation clubs, leisure and health clubs, hot spring spa, sauna, spa equipment.
Organizer: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tourism Industry Association.
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Green decoration

Nowadays, more and more people advocating green decoration, they have a strong environmentally demand of the building and decorative materials, besides, they have higher requirements for indoor air quality. It is necessary to consider the appearance, but also focus on health while conducting environmental decoration. But there are still many details need attention, for example, how to choose the decoration materials to achieve green decoration? Owners should start from what, to eliminate the decoration pollution harm? Some suggestions are given below:
1. First is the material of environmental protection, followed by the construction of environmental protection, again is the design of environmental protection. Except for the building with artificial stone, environmental protection is in fact refers to the material and the furniture. According to the survey, 24.3% of the pollution comes from the furniture, especially wooden furniture manufacturers, so we should pay special attention to purchase furniture.
2. Green design, a pollution superimposed. For example, a floor, reach European level environmental standards, but it just a piece of board reached, if heap 30 board inside a 10 square meters room, it will also be exceeded, even if it is the best environmental protection sheet will be exceeded.
3. In construction materials, plastic or sheet type products cause maximum pollution to your home decoration, including the shape of the door, bookcase, ceiling, the materials used in these areas will constitute pollution. Included in the construction of whether environmental protection or whether maintain the smooth construction site generated pollutants can be discharged in time; whether to use some of the natural elements introduced into the indoor design; whether the use of materials with eco-friendly materials, whether the use of the least material to get the maximum effect.
4. After decoration, don’t eager to live in. you had better ventilation the room for some time, minimize the decoration pollution as much as possible. In addition, you can also use the plants or detection to achieve. Aloe and Ivy plays an important role for the late governance discharged methanol.
5. To achieve a green decoration, materials selection is critical, once again reminded owners preparing to decorate friends must select the brand manufacturers of qualified products when buy decoration materials. Beware of fake and shoddy products. Compare the decoration company, choose formal decoration company; you should attach importance to the governance of the decoration pollution in the process of renovation and late decoration.
6. Finally, to remind consumers, environmental decoration materials does not mean the indoor environment must standards, after all, even if all the materials are environmentally friendly, but after mixed, the quantitative will change and the indoor air pollution is still inevitable. If you want to have a healthy environment, you may wish to invite the specialized agencies to detect governance, and then develop programs.
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