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Samsung will launch another smart watch next year

On September 17, Samsung has showed the Galaxy Gear smart watch in Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), lead ahead of the Apple Corporation in this kind of product’s competition. But, according to a report by South Korea Digital Times that Samsung is still accelerating the speed to improve the product, and plans to launch another version of the smart watch in early 2014.
Quoted from an anonymous industry officials, Samsung’s new version of the smart watch will have GPS function, with better battery life, and also will be able to synchronize with other Android devices. When Samsung released the first Galaxy Gear smart watch on September 4th, industry analysts have criticized this product because of its only one day battery life. In addition, Galaxy Gear does not have GPS function, and only can be used with Galaxy Note 3; this factor also makes analysts have little confidence in its selling.
Online Forbes magazine writer Larry Magid said, from his early trial Galaxy Gear's experience, the limited battery life is one of the largest deficiencies about this kind of equipment. He said: "the users have to remember charging every day, and must remember to take the portable power bank during the trip." If Galaxy Gear can equip with the large capacity lithium batteries, then its standby time can be longer, and problem can be solved in the meantime.
Samsung is known by quickly responding to the changing market and catering to consumer’s tastes, so the industry pointed out that the Galaxy Gear brought the overall impression that it is not only Samsung’s one commercial effort, but also an attempt in this field. Despite it has some shortcomings, when the Galaxy Gear comes to market in October this year in the United States, it will sell for $299, which means that this product may be the main aim to appeal to early adopters.
Samsung is committed to improving the Galaxy Gear’s battery life, but no matter for the Galaxy Gear or other smart watch products, the real potential may come from the applications and services which can run on these devices. Galaxy Gear can run some software applications like eBay, Pocket, RunKeeper, Path and Line. Samsung’s self-developed communication service AppsChatOn will also be landed on the new platform. Besides, if Galaxy Gear can be used with audio equipment, then it can meet more people’s different tastes.
Industry insiders said, if Samsung can continue to collect a series of attractive services for the next version of smart watch, plus the necessary hardware improvements, then the new product can have more chance to get the welcome of mainstream consumers, not just for early adopters.
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Nokia: What else can we do after selling mobile phone business?

Although Microsoft has spent $7.2 billion in buying Nokia mobile phone business and a series of patent portfolio, but the dying old cell phone company will continue to focus on their maps and network technology. For this series of changes, Nokia's current chairman and interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa, takes optimistic attitude toward this, and said: "this is the starting point of Nokia's next 150 stories."
150 years ago, the enterprise from Finland made a fortune with their own paper manufacture, shoemaking, production of tires and other business, and finally got into the mobile phone manufactures field that made her famous. In a recent media interview, Siilasmaa expressed a view on the topic about specialized equipment and services department acquired by Microsoft, and the influences on 32000 employees. "After leaving the mobile devices and services fields, Nokia will become very different, but it is still a powerful company, and have a healthy financial performance. Nokia still has three mainstay businesses, includes Nokia Solutions and Networks, Here map and Advanced Technologies. Besides, each of them is the leader in the field of technological innovation." Siilasmaa said.
In short, after stripping the mobile phone business, Nokia will continue to focus on the business development of network, Here map and Advanced Technology. Among them, the Nokia solutions and network company is mainly responsible for the sales of communications equipment, R&D of mobile broadband; Here map belong to one of Nokia's long-term plans, the service has become the default map provider of Microsoft Windows Phone, and Nokia hopes the service can further offensive to the vehicle-mounted navigation field; Advanced Technology development actually is equivalent to Nokia’s future products R&D department.
In the past, Nokia has established a set of fairly strong mobile and data patents portfolio, Nokia hopes to be able to take more profit from this in the future."Previously, we have successfully established a whole set of patent and technology authorization process, our company plans to take use of this advantage to increase revenue and profit." Siilasmaa said.
In fact, in the current deal between Microsoft and Nokia, Microsoft has cost $2.17 billion to buy Nokia's patent portfolio. Currently, the main work of Siilasmaa is to reshape the Nokia with no mobile phone business, and find a new CEO for the company. After losing the Smartphone business, Nokia Here map technology is perhaps the only link between her and consumers. At the same time, Nokia’s pride brand: Lumia and Asha are now owned by Microsoft. We all love the large capacity lithium batteries Lumia Smartphone, but now the company cannot ensure that Microsoft will continue to add Nokia’s genes on these two brands. Microsoft’s surface makes users can operate the PC without mouse and keyboard, we hope Microsoft can launch a series of innovative Smart-phones.
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Qualcomm launches a low-power Wi-Fi platform for home appliances and electronics products

Qualcomm has announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros launches new chip series, this is part of low-power Wi-Fi solutions series, can be formed into various kinds of devices. Just like many computer products have the function of WIFI, QCA4002 and QCA4004 network platform insert IP stack and complete network services into the chip, assist customers with minimal development inputs or cost, and add Wi-Fi to many products. The platform is equipped with a single chip processor and memory, without using other microprocessor (MCU), avoid to increase the product’s cost, complexity and power consumption. By using QCA4004, customers can not only use the platform for Wi-Fi connection, but also write their own applications on Atheros’s platform.
The applications of QCA4002/4004 platform include home appliances (such as washing machines, air conditions and water heater, etc.), digital equipments, and sensors that used for household lighting, safety and automation system. Haier is the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances and consumer electronics products, has used QCA4004 on the washer, dryer and air condition equipments.
Haier and Qualcomm Atheros will show two networked appliances that based on QCA4004 platform on IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin 2013. Haier will display washer and dryer machines on the IFA. And Qualcomm Atheros will display the air condition equipment in Hotel Concorde Berlin. Senior vice President of Qualcomm Atheros, Dr Zheng Jiansheng said that: " Qualcomm’s vision about “Internet of things near me” is to provide low-power energy saving connection functions, as a foundation for its development. Qualcomm Atheros is trying to make standard Wi-Fi can be used in audio and video equipments or other office equipments. QCA4002 and QCA4004 platform have reduced the power consumption without microprocessors. By using simple configuration and interoperability to improve the usage and simplify operation, Qualcomm Atheros has become the pioneer of industry."
QCA4002 and QCA4004 have the Green TX function, it can make equipment reduce the transmission power up to 1/2 under the condition of the adjacent equipment or other access points. With less than 1 mw power consumption sleep pattern, the dynamic power adjustment function can achieve more efficient communication function and extend battery life. Low-power sleep mode is run by the awaken management procedures inside the motherboard, equip platform with self awaken and sleep management function, further reduce the sleep mode power. In addition, the speed for platform to awake from pause is four times quicker than any other similar products. QCA4002 chip has already started for mass production, QCA4004 chip is also in the sample stage and has provided the test platform.
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Touch is the future of computer

Julie Larson, chairman of the Windows product R&D department, said the computer keyboard and mouse operation will be simpler in the future once she joined an interview, touch will be a part of the PC’s total user experience. "Due to cost considerations, PC manufacturers now offer PC products mostly traditional without touch, but I believe the touch will become a very important measure of PC in the future." She said: "we have seen the development trend and potential of the touch screen PC is very strong, I can't imagine how bad it would be if we do not have touch screen PC. Once you experience, it is difficult for you to use the traditional PC with no touch"
Truly, now we have accepted the phone and tablet touch operation, so that we would subconsciously use hands to click the computer screen after we had just finished using the cell phone. After clicked the screen, you suddenly realized that you are just using ordinary notebook. So we can only have a helpless smile, and then took up the acquainted mouse. As Julie said, now the cost of the touch screen is very high, PC manufacturers will not give up the current greater market instead of pursuing perfect experience. But it conflicts with the user’s need, the user always like to pursue a better experience and higher cost performance. As for now, though Microsoft had launched Windows 8 computer product with better user experience, most of users do not have better experience equipment.
Due to the price fails to meet consumer expectations, many users start to solve the problem of touch by themselves, technicians began to DIY their computers, transform their own computers with a touch screen. With the use of audio and video equipment, they could have the better use experience. Another part of the users try to find all kinds of auxiliary peripherals, such as touch mouse, touchpad with gestures, but it still has a certain distance to the perfect touch experience, cannot better experience the charm of Windows 8. Later, some manufacturers began to launch more perfect touch solutions, the digital equipment like Windows 8 stylus recently appeared on the market. Some users had gotten the firsthand experience and wrote a lot of feelings. Its use experience is the same as official propaganda, and the touch operation is perfect that can be able to reach the level of finger operation, even may be better in more sophisticated operation.
Believe as Julie said, touch will be an important criteria to measure PC in the future.
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McAfee inserts biological identification into cloud storage

In 2011, Intel acquired MacAfee with $7.68 billion. After that, Intel takes some steps to apply this security company's assets to the chip level. The combined product is DeepSafe. A security layer in the Intel chips allows McAfee malware protection software to identify and block some security threats, or analyze potential hidden behavior of malicious software. This application would improve the safety index of computer products.
Intel is introducing new ideas to ensure the safety of the public cloud. Intel will provide a service that the users would be allowed to access online files after face recognition and voice recognition. Intel's McAfee will add a product called "LiveSafe". This product provides 1 GB online storage and it can be accessed through biological identification. LiveSafe has a web-based management console, it can identify the users by face recognition, speech recognition, or entering the PIN number. In addition, LiveSafe includes anti-virus and other security features. McAfee compared the service to the online storage in the cloud, and users can store sensitive information there. You can access the service with tablets, smart phones and PC. The identification schemes of all sorts of digital equipments are different.
The functions of biological Identification and identity protection bundled together can add an extra layer of protection to Intel’s chip. Audio and video equipments are crucial to PC. A PC needs to configure a network camera and an Intel processor to use voice and face recognition. Biological identification is not all effective in Mac computers, mobile devices and the PC with AMD’s x86 processors. But the users can access the files after entering right PIN number without biological identification. LiveSafe will also compatible with Android and apple's iOS operating system in the future. The price of the software is $19.99 for 12 months if you install it in new PC. After that, the users need to pay $79.99 a year. For current users, the software for 12 months subscription fee is $79.99.
McAfee’s vice president of global consumer business department Gary Davis said that security files stored in the McAfee data center. We need to make sure that we put the files in absolute safety place. McAfee software, like “Total Protection”, has a function to store files in local storage’s safe place. LiveSafe will not synchronize the security files that created in local storage. Intel said it will use the McAfee's assets to integrate security functions into chip level, so that their products are different from competitors' products. Some functions will be embedded into the atom chip to protect the security of smart phones and tablets.

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