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Samsung releases a variety of high-end air purification products

On November 4, 2013, the electrical appliances exhibition was held in Beijing. Samsung electronics showed new appliances to many reporter and consumer at the exhibition, such as washing machines, air purifier and cleaner. On this Samsung’s electrical appliances show, the deputy general manager of Greater China white goods marketing, Xie Hui said that Samsung electronics will speed up the layout of home appliances in China’s home appliance market, further to draw a perfect blueprint.
According to the layout that Samsung electronics described for home appliance market, high-end air purifier becomes one important piece. Since last year, China's serious haze weather makes the demand of air purifier products continues increasing. According to GfK’s data, from the first quarter of 2013, domestic air purifier offline market retail sales rose more than 95%, the online market rose 133%. In contrast, the penetration rate of air purifier in American families is 27%, 71% in South Korea, and less than 0.1% in China. Though China's air purifier market just started, but the potential is huge.
In order to satisfy the huge market demand, Samsung electronics launched several kinds of air purifiers timely. At this exhibition, Samsung showed a series of products, includes PAPER plasma air humidifying purifier, Plasma air sterilization devices, etc. According to the relevant person who in charge of Samsung white goods, Samsung plasma air purifier has reached a high level in aseptic rate and purification rate; the product is equipped with Samsung’s unique S-PLasmaion sterilization technology. The design of triple high efficiency filter, filtering effect can reach 99%. PAPER products also have water molecules humidifying function that can release 0.1 nm water molecules, maintaining 40% ~ 60% of the health humidity.
The air purifiers inherited Samsung’s product philosophy well, and they are remarkable in product performance, space efficiency, energy saving and designs. For example, its unique “paper” exterior not only displays the beauty of technological design, but also forms ventilation naturally. It is reported that you are available to buy Samsung's air purifiers in hypermarket, shopping center and online stores.
Founded in 2007, Air Solution International Limited. is located in South China. We are the comprehensive and professional industrial corporation of developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. The annual sales figures exceed ten million. 90 percent of which comes from exporting to Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East etc. We are specialized in air humidifiers, Dehumidifier, electric aroma diffusers, heating and all kinds of the air cooling products, etc. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients. Your air quality, we care! Warmly welcome!
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The huge development potential of packaging machinery market

Throughout China's packaging market, packaging machinery industry is still maintaining a very big development space. Each enterprise continuously looking for gap, study the new technology, update the technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, combine soft power and hard power further to ensure the development of social facilities. Among them, the concept of flexible production has met the requirement of development. For one packing machine, the production rate of each machine is increasing indeed, but if there are many changes of packing way, the machine will be sluggish, it cannot commission specifications and production scheduling as soon as possible. But if change template, it will not only cost time and increase the wear and tear, but also improves the manufacturing cost, and then unable to realize the personalized quality requirement.
Analyzing from enterprise's market competition, the product’s upgrading cycle is getting shorter, it is putting forward a higher request for packaging machinery’s flexibility, the life of packaging machinery should far greater than a product's life cycle. Because only in this way can meet the requirements of the product's production economy. This makes us start overall examine the connotation of the concept of flexible, namely the flexible quantity, flexible construction and flexible supply. And flexible supply also involves to packaging machinery’s operation control system.
In particular, to make the packaging machinery has good flexibility and improves the degree of automation, you need to use microcomputer technology, function module technology to monitor multiple robots’ work at the same time, and you only need to mobilization program.
The experts said that flexible production not only changes our production mode, makes the product packaging more flexible and expand our development idea, but also makes the packaging machinery market emerge several rounds of change, accelerates the innovation thinking get into commercialization better. To make packaging machinery play out the potential better.
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EU shelve biofuel restriction plan

According to Reuters, the EU lawmakers recently have shelved the biofuel restriction plan, and this action maybe will leave a development space for biological energy industry, but also is likely to result in higher food prices in the future.
The relevant person in charge of the European commission has said that the first generation of biofuel must be prohibited, but the current decision has denied the claim. However, European parliament's environment committee has not approved the EU negotiators to negotiate about the legal text, and it means the plan will not be approved before 2015. The groups who support the first generation of biofuel think that relevant departments need to prepare sufficient evidence and discuss many times before changing the policy. Besides, the EU biodiesel board and the ethanol lobby have ever said: "any changes in the current legislative framework are required to have solid and scientific evidence to support."
However, environmentalists and the researchers who engaged in extracting biodiesel and alcohol from algae or wasted material called for a decision as soon as possible. Kare Riis Nielsen who represents EU to manage the Danish Novozymes Group said: "it's not fair for certain industries and investors, continuous regulation of uncertain will threat to EU’s efforts to attract innovational and renewable energy technology investment, such as advanced biofuel technology." Novozymes use enzyme to produce advanced biofuel, this kind of fuel is advanced than the first generation of, but have so far failed to attract enough money.
In 2009, the European Union transport departments are required to complete 10% renewable energy target, and most of the energy comes from the first generation of biomass energy technologies. But at present, the first generation of bio-energy technology has completed a rough target of 5%, and has enough production ability to realize the target of 10%. But the restriction plan is possibly make the goal become a bubble.
The use of biofuel can help to reduce traffical carbon emissions and reduce Europe's dependence on foreign oil. For example, biodiesel blended that made from sugar or rapeseed oil, can be use as vehicle fuel after mixing with conventional fuels. But EU’s thirst for biofuel would drive the world food prices up, as a result, some kinds of biofuel do harm to the climate worse than fossil fuel. Malaysia, such as rapeseed oil and palm oil or soybean oil can replace food production in the new fields, but this can lead to deforestation and peatland drainage, and bring the world food prices rising.
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How can Chinese engineering machinery companies stand on International stage?

Now the Chinese engineering machinery companies are suffering the problem that excess production capacity, high accounts receivable, declined sales, less profits. Can such a problem make Chinese engineering machinery companies have no chance to make the world surprise again? I think the answer is no. By analyzing the current situation, and then find a cure, the companies could recover and be strong. This article will introduce some solutions to solve the problem.
First, if an engineering machinery enterprise wants to have a great development, they should focus on the “winter” of engineering machinery. But this so-called "winter" is relative to the gold decade that is in rapid development stage. The industry has gotten used to the extraordinary development of engineering machinery, and now it is back to a rational model, now the industry is not adapted to the current development speed, they have to jump out of the cold winter!"
In other words, the current "cold winter" is the normal development of the industry. During the time that industry gets into the process of rational and normal, excess capacity and a variety of bubble will be gradually consumed at last.
Further, the enterprise cannot ignore the national economy if it wants to obtain long-term development. At present, China's new leaders put forward a series of economic reform agenda, and many reform measures are being implemented. The director Institute of Finance of State Council Development Research Center, Zhang Chenghui pointed out that:" China is in an important period of economic transition, it will inevitably appear some friction and conflict, and at some point or time the friction and conflict will be more intense." The Chinese engineering machinery enterprises is going ahead between the cold "winter" and furious reform.
The company should have a clear position to get healthy development, not only consider the industry’s location, but also think about how to jump out the industry with a long term vision. Find out the company’s role and the development direction of customer’s demand.
If a company wants to make an impact on the trend of industry adjustment, then it must conform to the trend. Turn the price of competition into the quality and product technology content of competition. But the enterprise still needs to make an objective investigation, and rationally evaluate itself. Enterprise should be gave a manageable position to examine their development and progress.
Engineering machinery enterprises adapt to the rapid growth in the past, but if the enterprises make a good grasp of the opportunity in crisis, can board the international stage with a new attitude, and let the world feel amazing for Chinese manufacturing.
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Energy saving drying equipment is the key to achieve industry’s high economic benefits

In the face of severe challenges in energy and environmental protection, especially in the situation of current market demand is not prosperous and traditional users have increased demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction drying devices, drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should promote energy-saving drying technology to get better development. As people put emphasize on environmental protection, how to improve drying machine’s technology to reduce dust and exhaust gas leaks, etc., will be a direction that need to be further researched.
Currently, many drying equipment manufacturing enterprises begin to pay more attention to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as using the combine of heating forms, transfer heat pump and heat pipe technology to develop solar drier, etc.; there are some companies begin to develop drying machine’s automatic control technology, so as to create optimal operating conditions. Due to it still need a further improvement on equipment’s quality, kits and basic research, the conventional drying is still the main form of current dried forms. Because each kind of dry form has its own advantages and scope, so the combined drying will be the trend of future development.
Boiling and granulating drier, it is called one-step pellet mill in China, it was redesigned and reproduced based on the same kind of product that introduced from abroad in 1980s. Because of the simple operation, superior performance and sophisticated manufacture, especially that it can satisfy the pharmaceutical and food industry’s requirement of GMP, it is popular in the fields of pharmaceutical and food. The equipment is especially suitable for Chinese and western medicine and food to dried and pelletize. The disintegration of granules is strong, and has a good liquidity and instant soluble, these granules can be directly used for tabletting, capsule, granule, solid drink and so on.
The centrifugal spray drier has achieved ideal effect in the fields of dyes, dairy products, and so on. The equipment is widely used in different fields for many years, and researchers have made great progress in technology level and manufacturing quality. In recent years, the large centrifugal spray drier also draws people’s attention to its use in FGD applications.
GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet mill, ring-die pellet mill, and roller pellets press, shredding, packing machine, grinding two series, air flow drier, rotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well.
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