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Global biomass energy production will be double over the next decade

Nowadays, the relationship between agriculture and energy has become closer, a report predicts that over the next 10 years, the production of biodiesel and ethanol fuel will be increased dramatically. At the same time, the price of biomass fuel will be risen much more than other primary agricultural products.
For a long time, biomass fuel has always being an important part of agricultural raw materials, makes it keeping at a high price. The material requirement of biomass energy also makes a variety of crops that originally used to feed consumption, have other use. Such as corns, wheats and oilseeds.
The director of International food policy research institute pointed out that biomass energy production is expected to become double in the next decade. By 2022, the EU is still the world's main biodiesel production and consuming countries, the proportion of biodiesel will account for 45% of the EU’s whole consumption. Besides, in 2022, the proportion of ethanol fuel will account for 48% in America. The production and use of Biomass fuel in America and the European Union is mainly driven by current policies. In America, the biological energy policy will continue to be implemented over the next ten years, 40% of corns will be used to produce ethanol fuel.
According to a report’s prediction, in 2022, the world’s total output of ethanol will be reached to 168 billion litres. In addition, three main biomass fuel producers and area will be the United States, Brazil and the European Union.
In addition, in 2022, developing countries’ biomass ethanol production will increase two-thirds. 80% of the growth comes from Brazil, and a significant portion of the remaining 20% comes from India and China. Besides, the global biodiesel production will up to 41 billion litres in 2022. Last but not the least, the price of biomass energy will be higher than other agricultural products.
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The huge development potential of biomass energy

Biomass energy is the energy that solar energy in the form of chemical energy stored in biomass, namely to biomass as a carrier of energy. It comes directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of green plants, can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gas fuels. It is a kind of renewable and inexhaustible energy, and the only renewable carbon source, too.
Biomass energy has always being important resource to human’s survival, it ranks fourth in the world’s total energy consumption, occupies an important position in the whole energy system, second only to coal, oil and gas. Experts estimate that biomass energy is most likely to be a part of the future sustainable energy system, to next century, all kinds of biomass alternative fuels that produced by new technology will account for more than 40% of total global energy consumption.
Renewable energy will be a leading energy in 2050, now there are three major energy supply systems has formed all over the world, electric power system, the oil supply system and gas supply network. The three major energy systems are difficult to change in short term, but the world's major economies have made renewable energy strategy. For example, in 2020 and 2050, the use of renewable energy will be respectively reached 20% and 50% of European Union’s energy consumption proportion; In 2030, the proportion of United States’ wind power generation will be reached 20% of its whole electricity generation, and biological liquid fuel will replace 30% of oil products; For Japan, by 2050, alternative energy, such as renewable energy will be reached more than 50% of Japan’s energy supplies. China's future strategic about renewable energy is: around 2010, the proportion of renewable energy will be reached about 10% of energy consumption, its strategic positioning is supplement energy; Around 2020, the proportion will be increased to 15%, and the strategic positioning is alternative energy at this time; Around 2030, renewable energy accounted for about 25% of the energy consumption, strategic positioning is the mainstream energy; Around 2050, the proportion will be risen to 40%, strategic positioning is the dominant energy.
GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. We mainly produce and sell full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant which includes stalk pelleting﹑wood sawdust pelleting﹑stalk briguette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelleting etc. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet mill﹑ring-die pellet mill﹑and roller pellets press, shreding﹑grinding two series, air flow drier﹑rotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well.
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The production of Biomass Molding Fuel will be amounted to 50 million tons in 2020

Each year, there are about 340 million tons of straw and agricultural residues, 840 million tons of animal manure and nearly 75 million tons of urban living garbage in China, and these resources can be used as energy utilization. Total biomass resources is equivalent to about 460 million tons of standard coal each year. In accordance with the relevant national planning, by 2015, biomass energy industry will have a large-scale of utilization, realize commercialization and have large-scale use in the electric power, heat supply, and rural life.
"China's rural energy construction mainly rely on state funding to support, we call it transfusion industry, now it needs to become a hematopoietic industry." The professor of energy research institute of National energy bureau, Qin Shiping said that the rural biomass energy use target is marketization, to build the integration of urban and rural energy service system, and achieve sustainable development.
There is an engineer who engaged in biomass energy equipment manufacturing said:" To build such an energy services system is very difficult, such as our biomass energy standards has a problem. For example, in biomass molding fuel industry those have higher degree of industrialization, a nominal yield of 900 kg/h mechanical, its actual output of pellet fuel may be less than 700 kilograms, or even only 400 ~ 500 kg, and nobody would care about it, they just write down the fake data whatever they like. And the enterprise can mark mold life indicators freely." So there is still a long distance to build such an energy services system and combine it into a big energy network market-oriented operation.
It is important to note that in this exhibition, Jiangsu MuYang Biomass Company exhibited two core host machines, MUZL1610M wood pellet mill and mixers. The single output of MuYang MUZL1610M pellet mill can achieve 3 to 5 tons. According to the manager’s introduction, among MuYang’s total biomass energy market, there are about 60% comes from overseas market, it is expected to obtain a bigger development in the fields of Biomass Molding Fuel and pretreatment of raw materials in the future.
At present, the National Energy Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture are working to build Biomass Molding Fuel industry standard, including the classification standard of solid molding fuel, burner technology and the specification about key components of molding equipment. The insiders analyze that the standard will improve industry’s entry barriers and overall competitiveness, and then improve the economic benefit of biomass energy.
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How to select unique lamps to decorate house

Household lamps are the main indoor lighting facilities that provide decorative effect and lighting function for interior space. It can not only add new contents to ceiling’s simple color and modeling, at the same time, these lamps can also achieve the action that change the feeling about structure and foil the indoor atmosphere, through changing interior lamp’s modeling and adjusting light intensity. Lamps basically can be classified into droplight and absorb dome light, according to the styles, it can be divided into fabric lamps, glass lamps and crystal lamps, etc. Basically, many families will consider the indoor style when chooses interior lamps. This article will mainly introduce some kinds of unique household lamps.
European lamps
Simple style is one of the European decorating style. European style mostly used white color, its overall atmosphere is simple, the matching lamps can release pure and fresh feeling, also conforms to people’s aesthetic standard. Simple European style is closer to the nature, also accord with Chinese aesthetics, so in recent years, it has a rapid development in China. European lamps mainly are multi-bull droplight, it usually uses the glass surface or floral cover face material to reflect European feelings.
Chinese lamps
The Chinese lamp has classical characteristics, there are also various of traditional Chinese elements inserted into Chinese lamps, even classical novels and mythologies have been combined into Chinese lamps. Such as LED flood lights, LED wall washer, etc. Different styles of lamps make people refreshing and memorable. Secondly, Chinese lamps not only emphasize symmetry and delicate, but also pay attention to colorific contrast to create the charming feeling of classical and traditional cultural.
Contemporary and contracted style lamps
Contemporary and contracted style is now one of the most popular decorating styles, a lot of families will choose contemporary and contracted style when they decide to decorate house. With its compact model, perfect details and fashionable design, countless of people like contemporary and contracted style. The material of contracted form light usually is glass or steel structure; people would like to pay attention to a contracted style and strong sense of line.
Different styles need to match with different lamps, how to select a perfect collocation is getting more and more important.
Canton Fair Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. has registered the trademark “SOLID RISE” both at home and abroad. Our main business includes merchandise trade, service trade, and home trade. The main exporting products of our company include LED Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, LED Industrial Lighting, LED Decorative Lighting.
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China's LED lighting market ushered in rapid development period

China has promoted the use of LED energy saving lamp for a long time, however, due to its high manufacturing cost, the price is more expensive. Though it has a very good energy saving effect, it hasn’t been accepted and used by general consumers. Since this year, the prices of International LED are falling while the luminous efficiency is improving. Customers will improve the acceptance of LED gradually, and the market penetration will also increase, China’s LED lighting market will have a big development period.
The wide use of led lamps is an inevitable trend, nowadays, influenced by the prices of International LED lamps and rare earth fluorescent lamps, China’s LED industry ushered in a development opportunity. However, how to improve consumers’ cognition about LED and establishing reasonable industry standard is still the key issue for whole LED industry to consider.
Data analysis shows that in July this year, the retail price of global LED bulbs that used to replace 40 w incandescent bulbs has a slight drop about 0. 6%, dropped to $15.5. And the 60 w LED bulbs drop to $22. 6. The falling prices make consumers more willing to replace incandescent lamps with led lamps. Because of the rising price of rare earth, rare earth fluorescent lamps are being more expensive. Though the current market share of rare earth fluorescent lighting accounted for 70% in big cities, it is believe that the pattern will be changed. In 2012, LED energy-saving lamps sales rose nearly 34% while rare earth fluorescent sales declined. In the first half of 2013, led civilian market sales rose more than 150%. LED light suppliers and manufacturers’ operation revenue have increased for years.
In the commercial lighting market, although led’s price is expensive, it has better energy saving effect and can bring more energy-saving benefit. So the lighting application demand of commercial, industrial, outdoor is relatively strong, especially LED indoor lighting. But at present, Chinese consumers do not have fully understanding about LED products, nor have particularly strong demand of energy saving, and sensitive to the price, so the permeability of LED lighting is low. In addition, there is no regulation rule to standard product’s quality. So, the government needs to take some measures to standardize the products.
With the promoting luminous efficiency and falling prices, LED lighting’s market share will be risen in household lighting, commercial lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting, it can be predicted that LED will enter into a golden development period.
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